about Natanya Sell
about Natanya
Natanya Sell, CNSF

I love helping people and organizations navigate change. And, I am passionate about the brilliance that happens – the fresh ideas, the freed-up energy, the excitement – when we are not afraid of change, and not afraid of being our whole human selves in the midst of change.

In fact, I firmly believe that finding the courage to be our whole human selves, along with learning tools to do so effectively and with a sense of psychological safety, is the only way transformational change can happen. My job is to provide those tools, and to hold space for you to tap into your courage and your capacity for brilliant change.

I come from a background of wildly diverse experiences – I have gone through a great deal of change in both my personal and professional lives. From a Master’s degree in liberal arts to a career in technical services within businesses ranging from Fortune 100 to small startups, I’ve worked in aerospace, energy, manufacturing, hospitality, government, and academia, and as an entrepreneur.

Thanks to my experience in such a variety of industries, I’ve learned to adapt rapidly and find ways to be effective in changing environments. I’ve been both front-line employee and senior management, worked in the field with service techs, and in the board room with executive teams. I’ve managed international service accounts, directed departments, and advised students and executives. I’ve traveled widely, worked with customers from all over the globe, and am an incessantly curious reader and learner.

I listen deeply, and I understand that people vary, no two organizations are the same, and situations are fluid. What is needed for any given change is context-dependent. I am always seeking out effective methods for navigating change and handling the stress it often brings, and I synthesize my diverse experience and learning to provide you with tailored, practical tools, learned and developed in the real world, that you can begin using right away.