As a change facilitator, I make change easier for you, helping you to do things more effectively. I shine light on the mechanisms of change and help you or your organization understand and learn skills for change, so that you can build your own capacity for navigating change with ease, grace, and strategic clarity.

My mission is to catalyze and facilitate transformational change for people and organizations – to illuminate change, so that your own brilliance can shine.



Whether corporate, nonprofit, or small business, I offer a variety of services tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Some of the ways I work with organizations include:

  • Team building and leadership retreats
  • Skills development workshops (sample topics include: navigating change, stress reduction, awareness and communication, conflict management, creative thinking)
  • Organizational needs assessment and change project design consulting
  • Leadership development through one-on-one consulting (see Individuals section below)

Interested in these, or have something else specific in mind? Let’s chat!

Change Management Coaching Services
Change Management Coach


I love to work one-on-one with clients, whether for a short-term dose of assistance and clarity regarding a specific change, or for deeper skills development over time. From executives to field service techs, artists to engineers, health care workers or first responders, all of us can benefit from skills development related to navigating change and managing the stress that often accompanies what can seem like an overwhelming pace of change in our everyday lives.

As a Certified Neurosculpting™ Facilitator, Neurosculpting is one of the tools I use personally and with clients to navigate through change. A guided meditation modality grounded in neuroscience, Neurosculpting is a practical and powerful change agent. Able to be learned quickly and practiced easily, it is a very accessible tool. I offer Neurosculpting in both group workshops and private sessions, and can incorporate it into team and leadership retreats.

I would love to help support you through whatever change you’re navigating. For a free consultation call, contact me here.



I offer in-person and online training on a variety of skills development topics for navigating change and managing the stress of change (see Organizations and Individuals sections above for examples).

I can also customize training for your organization or team. For more information or to request a specific topic, contact me here.

Neuroscience-Based Change Facilitator